White LED Tape Lighting

Brightness Options

Select the model with the brightness appropriate for your lighting application. Brighter models are more expensive and use more energy. A higher brightness model is not needed for every lighting application. When in doubt, select a brighter model and use a dimmer.

0-100% Full Range Dimming

All RibbonFlex Pro models are fully dimmable with standard 120-volt AC dimmers when used with Armacost Lighting’s AC Dimmable LED Power Supplies/Drivers. They are also dimmable with Armacost Lighting’s line of 12-volt dimmers, wireless and Wi-Fi controls, (iOS and Android). To learn more, view dimming options.

30 LED/m, 60 LED/m, and 120 LED/m tape light strips
LED densities include 30, 60, and 120 LEDs per meter. Higher density = higher brightness, and higher density models can be cut at closer intervals. The type of LED module used on the tape also determines overall brightness.

RibbonFlex Pro model options

30 LEDs/meter (about 9 LEDs per ft.) is economical to use, designed for lower-level, indirect accent lighting projects such as above cabinets, coves, tray ceilings and toe kicks. These models permit the greatest run lengths for large-scale cove lighting projects.

60 LEDs/meter (about 18 LEDs per ft.) is a good all-around solution for any accent lighting project, and well suited for under cabinets and anywhere general task lighting is desired.

120 LEDs/meter (about 36 LEDs per ft.) allows the tape light to be installed close to an adjacent surface, providing the most seamless illumination with no bright spots. It is appropriate for more demanding task lighting projects where brighter illumination is required over the work surface. Select a dimmer with this model to achieve a near-seamless effect at any light level.

Color Temperature (Warmth)

RibbonFlex Pro White LED Tape Lighting is available in three color temperatures:

Color temperature comparison: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K

Soft white 2700K is similar to the color temperature of standard incandescent light bulbs, and produces a soothing, warm golden/yellow color.

Soft bright white 3000K is a little whiter, but is still warm, more like halogen light. It is a clean natural color and a popular balance between warm and cool white.

Bright white 4000K is a natural/neutral white, closer to the color of sunlight — not too cool and without a bluish tint.

Note: Not all models are available in all color temperatures. See each product page for current options.